MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.  Her teaching combines thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement.  She engages deeply with her students and her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, creating a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard yet find softness.

In 2011, she worked with Tiffany Cruikshank to complete her 200 hour Power Vinyasa teacher training, and is continuing to work with Tiffany toward her 500 hour certification.  MacKenzie’s beautiful form and positive energy have earned her features in Oxygen Magazine (January 2012) and Women’s Health Magazine (November 2012); she is one of 7 models appearing throughout Kathyrn Budig’s recently released The Big Book of Yoga. MacKenzie is an ambassador for Lululemon, Zuvi, Blooming Lotus Jewelry and Asha Patel Designs.  Her classes and workshops can be found worldwide, but if you can’t catch her in person check out the Cody App, Ekhart Yoga and Yoga30.com!



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